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Our worship has overflowed our largest living room into a small Catholic chapel here in our neighborhood. It has become a place where many new people first make contact with us. Worship has become the renewing center of our life. The community gathers together three times each week for corporate worship, and on other days space is made in the life of each household for family worship.

We have learned to come to worship with a sense of expectation of the Spirit among us and of hearing God’s voice to us as a body of people. As we gather to celebrate the life that we have been given, God’s word comes to us, gently but powerfully: in praise, in song, in prayer, in teaching, and in the Eucharist. It has become a time in which we are both confronted with the claims of Christ upon our lives and comforted by his peace.

As we have found the freedom to open ourselves to God and to one another, worship has become a time of making deeper connection with each other, of confessing our sin, of sharing our brokenness, of shedding our tears, of overflowing with our joy, of being reconciled one to another. In worship we are reminded quietly of God’s love for us which manifests itself in the warmth and affection which wells up for one another. In worship we celebrate our calling as a people and experience a unity in the Spirit that we really never thought possible.

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