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Eat That Garbage!

I had a hard time figuring out what to write this month. I decided perhaps I’d write something about moving and give some nice helpful hints about how to make the whole ordeal go easier. Well I have now completed a move and I must admit to being a terrible failure. What a lousy job of packing I did--it took me 2-1/2 days to find a can opener. (Where did my parents go wrong? We moved enough when I was a child, but I didn’t learn.)

That possibility having been eliminated, I am going to pull something out of my file. I must confess I haven’t tried all of these suggestions, but I have intentions of doing so. What I am going to write about is garbage and how to make use of it.

Don’t throw out sour milk. Make it into cottage cheese. Heat the sour milk to lukewarm. Then pour it into a cheesecloth bag along with an equal amount of warm water (this should be poured over it and allowed to drain through--repeat this process twice). Tie the bag and hang it up until it stops dripping.

Rinds from grapefruit and oranges can be enjoyed the second time around as candy. Cut the peels into narrow strips and soak overnight in salt water. Drain. Soak for 30 minutes in fresh water and drain again. Add a cup of sugar for each cup of peel. Cook over low heat until the sugar has been absorbed into the peels. Dry on wax paper. This candied peel can be used in baking or as candies by rolling in sugar or coating with chocolate.

Make stale bread into bread crumbs. Use a meat grinder (or hand grate).

Lemons are eternally useful--not really, but they do have at least three lives. After extracting the juices, save the lemon to grate and sprinkle on desserts (you grate the outer yellow part). If you have a gas stove, put the remnants over the pilot light and you will soon have a fresh smelling kitchen.

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