'The hardest question for us is what to do when people get better.'
Bette McDevitt 3-01-2001
'When the children are well enough to go home, it is a gift to me.'
Larry Bellinger 1-01-2001

"Art has the power to heal spiritual, emotional, and physical brokenness."

Fred Bahnson 11-01-2000
Radical ecumenism in a land of strife.
Michigan city turns dialogue into action.
David Beckmann 7-01-2000
Can one person make a difference?
Elizabeth Newberry 5-01-2000

Citizens call a new tune.

Bronwyn Shiffer 3-01-2000
Women's project leads to transformation.
Jim Rice 1-01-2000

Food---and much more---for the poor.

Michael McClanen 11-01-1999
Bosnian women weave ethnic harmony
Rachel Thomas 9-01-1999

Urban gardens bring hope to the city.

Chris Montesano 7-01-1999
Gathering for disarmament in the Nevada desert.
Tonita Cheatham 5-01-1999
Coalition stands for rights of public housing residents.
New beginnings, on the Web and in the world.
Lucy Fuchs 11-01-1998
Letters and loans help survivors of genocide rebuild their lives.
Kent Paterson 9-01-1998
Sewer Pipes and Hope
Kaethe Schwehn 7-01-1998
When generations stand together, a movement is strengthened.
Carol Fennelly 5-01-1998
An effort to protect churches' public ministries.
Carol Fennelly 3-01-1998
Some Michigan churches provide hands-on support to families in transition.
Murray MacAdam 1-01-1998
A chance for a new beginning.