Grace Matters

Chris Rice 11-01-2000

A straight-shooting white friend once commented that whenever blacks and whites are together it's like there's a "big pile of poop in the middle of the room..."

Chris Rice 9-01-2000

My former college, one of the nation’s top-ranked schools, is considering banishing a highly respected national Christian group from campus for discriminatory practices.

Chris Rice 5-01-2000
Wherever self-censorship rules, a real debate is not taking place.
Chris Rice 3-01-2000
If those who know me really knew me, what would they think of me?
Chris Rice 1-01-2000

Are we only liberated from something or are we also liberated into something?

Chris Rice 11-01-1999

Okay baby, let’s say God really is God; he’s not applying for the job, etc. etc.

Chris Rice 9-01-1999

The continuing scandal is summed up in a 1997 Gallup Poll: The Christian church remains the one "highly segregated" major institution of American public life.

Chris Rice 7-01-1999

With our family's move last year from urban Jackson, Mississippi, to small-town Vermont, I exchanged the blackest state for the whitest and neighborhood drive-bys for wild turkey dive-bys.

Chris Rice 5-01-1999
On the first anniversary of the day Spencer met you face to face.