Family Matters

Kristine Jensen 1-01-1999

It is a clear fall day in 1986 and I am walking the block home from the bus stop. It is my second month of high school; I am 13, a freshman, an artist.

Valerie Schultz 11-01-1998

Sometimes self-knowledge can be gleaned from the most unlikely of sources. From a glimpse of sunset, or a chance reading of a poem. Or, say, from a 14-year-old Japanese girl.

Jesus' words as he wept over Jerusalem are probably more compelling today than ever: "If this day you only knew the ways that make for peace..." (Luke 19:42).

Susan Gushue 7-01-1998

When we made the decision to take our older two children out of public school, my husband and I felt it was the only real choice we had.

Bob Hulteen 5-01-1998
Will the good news become old news?