The Poor, the Rich, and the Kingdom

One of the major sins of our times is greed. Our whole lives are shot through with greed and built on the desire to acquire and possess more than we need. Our church is guilty of this sin; our society is guilty of this sin; our political system is guilty of this sin. We humans rape nature--the water, the air, the land, everything--seeking a profit, as if the water, the wildlife, the countryside, the beauty, were ours to exploit. The U.S. spends billions of dollars on defense to protect our way of life, our freedom. We talk about other, noble freedoms; but the freedom that many of us desire on the gut level is the freedom to possess and be greedy. I have often wanted to preach God's word about greed, but I usually lack the courage: it would be too contrary to what people want to hear. Jesus' word in Luke's Gospel is "none of you can be my disciples unless he gives up all his possessions."


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