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Deep Appreciation

Letter to the Editors

Marty Troyer has touched something deep within me when he writes, “Racialization is something we need to cleanse ourselves of daily, like flossing our teeth” (“Subverting the Myth,” December 2013). Troyer does not beat up his white colleagues because of their insensitivity to their privilege; rather, he writes about what he has done in hopes others will dare to confront racialization in themselves and others, and in the churches and other institutions of our nation.

It is difficult to express how much I, as an African American, appreciate the sensitive yet powerful way Troyer has sought and is seeking to share “a pastor’s experiment in unmasking white privilege.” I know it is not easy for many of my white sisters and brothers to do this, but “Subverting the Myth” can be helpful in developing their “game plan.”

Gil Caldwell
Asbury Park, New Jersey

This appears in the February 2014 issue of Sojourners