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Web Exclusive: Gayle Smith Interview

Full Interview with Gayle Smith

Gayle Smith is co-chair of the Enough Project, which works towards ending genocide and crimes against humanity. A Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Smith previously served in high-level positions at the National Security Council and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Smith was based in Africa for over 20 years as a journalist covering military, economic, and political affairs. Sojourners assistant editor Elizabeth Palmberg spoke with her on November 11, before writing Aiming at Headlines for the February 2008 issue of Sojourners.

Smith speaks about the ongoing genocide in Sudan’s western region of Darfur, and about the earlier, separate situation in southern Sudan, where the Khartoum regime had developed its divide-and-conquer strategies and its use of proxy militias. The conflict in southern Sudan was halted when united international economic and diplomatic pressure, in which the Bush administration was instrumental, prodded Khartoum into signing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in January 2005 (an agreement which is now threatened by Khartoum’s renewed intransigence).

Sojourners : Please say a bit about how many diplomats we have on the ground now [in the Darfur area] and how many diplomats it would be good for us to have, and exactly where in the Darfur area, what that would look like.

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