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Keep Asking Questions

Your magazine just brought me to tears. I was standing in front of the magazine display in the library of Montrose, Colorado, when I happened to see your latest issue. I didn’t even know you existed. The article “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” (by Brian McLaren, November 2007) is so right on. To me it is incomprehensible and enraging that anyone calling themselves Christian can be so blind as to support imperialistic, militaristic endeavors again and again, always turning the blind eye. My assumption is that Jesus would be, and perhaps is, outraged.

Your position is that there is hope. Personally, I am not so sure there is hope for humanity, which seems always to construct governing systems that extract wealth from the many and transfer it to the few, most often using religion to obscure and distract and to placate the people with concepts that they are “doing good works.” Soup kitchens are great, building orphanages is great, etc., but the real question should/must be: How is it that there are so many poor? How is it that there are so many imprisoned? How is it that things are so screwed up?

David Anderson

Montrose, Colorado

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Sojourners Magazine February 2008
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