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Best-selling writer Philip Yancey has described himself as at times a reluctant Christian, plagued by doubts and 'in recovery' from bad church encounters. Yancey's many books have been marked by similar honesty about his own questions and struggles, as well as a thoughtful, probing take on faith and the world. He has received many accolades, especially in the evangelical Christian community all the while pushing back the stereotypes of what it means to be evangelical. Yancey and his wife, Janet, visited Sojourners in November and were interviewed by Jim Wallis. In this issue, you can read some of their conversation (more is on our Web site). Among the topics at hand: rejecting and returning to God, evidence of the divine, how the United States is both the most and least Christian country in the world...and what Joe Millionaire and the mating habits of elk have in common (you can't get that on Animal Planet). In the winter months, most of us who have a house or apartment in which to live are especially grateful for shelter-and aware that there are many close at hand who don't have this necessity, or are struggling financially to keep a roof overhead. Statistics show a worsening shortage of affordable housing in many regions of the United States. Stacia Brown writes for us about several hopeful, faith-rooted initiatives that have given some low-income people a place to call home. How many more people might be housed if these models were replicated? It's an exciting thing to ponder and pursue. The Editors

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Sojourners Magazine February 2004
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