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Are These Your Kids?

UNICEF’s 2003 report Child Poverty in the Developing World, which analyzes data on more than 1.2 million children from 46 countries, marks the first time child poverty in the developing world has been scientifically measured. Data indicate that more than half of the children in the developing world are severely deprived and a third live in conditions of absolute poverty. "The results of cutting public spending on basic social services have been an increase in poverty and inequality," said report co-author Shailen Nandy, "a fact which organizations like the World Bank need to acknowledge."

  • 91 million children under age 5 in developing countries suffer from severe malnourishment.
  • 134 million between ages 7 and 18 have never been to school. (Most are girls.)
  • 265 million have never had immunizations or have chronic untreated diarrhea.
  • 376 million drink unsafe water or are more than 15 minutes walking distance to water.
  • 500 million have no toilet facilities.
  • 600 million live in dwellings with more than five people per room or with mud floors.

Source: Child Poverty in the Developing World (UNICEF, 2003).

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Sojourners Magazine February 2004
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