From the Editor: December 2021 | Sojourners

From the Editor: December 2021

Cole Arthur Riley's @BlackLiturgies offers ‘food for hungry souls.’

JEANIA REE V. MOORE, a Sojourners columnist since 2019 who’s working on her doctorate at Yale, explains why she thinks Cole Arthur Riley’s @BlackLiturgies, featured in this issue, is so important, especially now: “At a time when social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic precluded most forms of Christian liturgy and threatened to make permanent the temporary church closures,” Moore writes, “Riley traversed the digital divide and rerouted traditional channels for spiritual expression.” She continues, “Basically, I think it’s really incredible that, at this time when liturgy is literally inaccessible for many for the foreseeable future ... @BlackLiturgies is this super liturgical, vitalizing, Black space that appears on the scene. And liturgy breathes and lives and people are engaging it and finding food for their souls in it.”

We’re grateful to Moore for the many ways her own writing has fed our souls and inspired our imaginations over the past few years, and we wish her the best as she takes a break from column writing to focus on her graduate studies.

This appears in the December 2021 issue of Sojourners