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On the Potter's Wheel

N. Gordon Cosby is the founding minister of Washington, D.C.'s Church of the Saviour, established in 1947. The church's first outreach ministry was Potter's House, a coffee house in the busy, multi-ethnic, working-class business area of Columbia Road. They wanted to offer the neighborhood a place where "Jesus might hang out." On April 21, 2010, the 50th anniversary of Potter's House, Cosby gave a sermon from which this article is adapted. At 92, he no longer preaches weekly, but continues to serve the ministries and hang out at Potter's House. The Editors

The gospel of Jesus Christ is so simple that most people don't believe it. The problem is not that it's too complicated, but that it's too simple. We don't want to believe that Jesus was accurate in the way he defined life. He defined it in a very simple way. He started his ministry by saying, "There is another realm: The kingdom of God, the realm of God, is at hand." Then he said, "I want you to repent and move into that realm and live in that new realm." That is what repentance meant to Jesus.

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Sojourners Magazine December 2010
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