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Recent Books Of Note

What is happiness and how do we find it?

What is happiness and how do we find it? Robert Ellsberg put this question to modern and historical saints, and - by combing through their writings - came up with The Saints’ Guide to Happiness: Everyday Wisdom from the Lives of the Saints. These souls lead us gently through many of life’s imponderables. North Point Press.

Breathing Space, by Heidi Neumark, defies genre, or at least mingles them. Part diary of a city priest, part Bible study, part theological reflection on years of urban ministry, part social analysis with patches of homily - yet always pure prayer and poetry. Beacon Press.

A Generous Orthodoxy, by Brian D. McLaren. In his intelligent, playful style, this pastor surveys the varieties of Christian faith and points us toward an orthodoxy of Jesus - and away from "who’s in/who’s out" thinking - that is generous, loving, and defined by missional intent. Zondervan.

A stubborn, brave doctor is the subject of Tracy Kidder’s inspiring Mountains Beyond Mountains. Dr. Paul Farmer’s calling is caring for the most impoverished, but also convincing others - including global health organizations - that it’s right to do so. Farmer wants to change the world; after reading Kidder’s book, you’ll want to join him. Random House.

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