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Linking the Word

WE HAVE BEEN using the lectionary here at Koinonia for almost two years; I feel like it keeps us honest, challenging us to consider all of God's Word to us, not just the parts we like and are comfortable with.

I value the lectionary reflections in "Living The Word" for a number of reasons: 1) the groundwork is already laid for me--even if I choose to develop a service that is very different from the reflection for that week, someone else has already spent time exploring the scriptures, seeking out the common threads and communicating how the scriptures help interpret each other; 2) "Living The Word" reminds us of the justice slant of the Bible; 3) I like to think that there are others out there who are also using this material and that we are binding ourselves together in ways we don't even know; 4) "Living The Word" brings continuity to our services here as we explore and develop a particular theme each month.

So thanks for your good work. It makes my work more joyful and creative. I hope that "Living The Word" will remain a permanent column in your very challenging and inspiring magazine.

Holli Rainwater

Worship Coordinator

Koinonia Partners Inc.

Americus, Georgia

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Sojourners Magazine December 1993
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