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Briefly Noted

  • Evangelist Billy Graham, who celebrated his 75th birthday November 7, told Religious News Service that he would like to be remembered as having been "faithful to the Lord until the very end." Graham said he thought the nation had "retrogressed" culturally in recent years, citing sex and violence on TV, terrorism, and killings by young people.

  • The Greensboro, North Carolina, Woolworth's, where the sit-in movement against segregated lunch counters was launched, is among the 720 stores to be closed in the coming months, the company announced in mid-October. The 1960 Greensboro action sparked desegregation actions in 54 cities in nine states.

  • David Duke—unplugged? Duke's New Orleans call-in radio show is about to be canceled, according to the station manager, Bob Namer, because Duke is too dull. "Even bigots get bored," Namer said. "The guy really is into himself like nobody I've ever seen. Bottom line is, it's over."

Jim Rice is editor of Sojourners.

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Sojourners Magazine December 1993
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