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pecan pickers and peach preachers
in southern georgia find tough nut of
gospel truth and wrap it for world in
sweet-as-honey chocolate for all to taste
and see how good it can be

can't fight the power, only wait it out
invite it to dinner, nurse its children
when they lay low in fever
can't fight the power, only sit still
all night under vulnerable lamplight
and sing a little song to stay awake

better ones than you have fallen asleep
in that vigil, but all is forgiven
and gentle arms surround as children nestle down
some tossing with the fear of unknown trucks
driving slow roads, while close beside
the other lays an unconscious arm across
to protect and calm and wrap the nightmare
in loving green hills and orchards
and the worn hands of many grandparents
and others of strong shoulders, legs and arms

come with me into the fields
children of pecan pickers and peach preachers
come and show me the glory
of this old land in southern georgia where,
when the road is too weary,
god comes to rest

Rose Marie Berger is an associate editor of Sojourners.

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Sojourners Magazine December 1992
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