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To Go Where None Have Gone Before. But Then, Who Wants To ...


To Go Where None Have Gone Before. But Then, Who Wants To...

The hottest new high-tech invention is called "virtual reality," a computer-generated environment that simulates a three-dimensional world almost indistinguishable from reality. Right now it's just a video game, but in the future, who knows?

Not to be outdone, H'rumphs is announcing the first use of "virtual humor." The way it works is that jokes told in virtual humor are like real jokes, but with a subtle, barely discernible difference. For example, can you tell which of these two punch lines was computer-generated?

Punch line A: " get to the other side of the road, a multilane vehicular pathway connecting various destinations; principally for the use of motorized conveyances."

Punch line B: "...I told you not to touch it."

If you thought "B" was the computer-generated punch line, you're right. Punch line "A" was told by my dorky friend Ernest, who can never just shut up for once.

The problem with virtual humor is that computer-generated jokes are vulnerable to the same viruses that plague other software applications. The following joke has been infected with a virus. Can you tell?

· A gorilla walks into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender serves the drink and the bill, and remarks, "We don't get many gorillas in here." The gorilla looks at the bill and says, "And at these prices, (sneezes) I'm... (sneezes again) I'm not surprised."

"Got a cold?" queries the bartender. "No," says the gorilla, "just a virus."

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