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Taking On the Money Changers

Christian discipleship is inherently about choosing sides.
A vibrant illustration of pinks, blues, and oranges of soccer player Midge Purce leaping in the air, poised to kick the ball in front of her. Colored lines and curves surround her to emphasis her dynamic movement with a quote from her on the lower left.
Midge Purce plays forward for NJ/NY Gotham FC and the U.S. Women’s National Team and co-founded the Black Women’s Player Collective. Her soccer career has roots at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic High School in Maryland. / Illustration by Arūnas Kačinskas

CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP is inherently about choosing sides. Yes, some might harbor a temptation to take the supposedly safer path of remaining “neutral,” but that's a delusion: Such alleged neutrality always favors the status quo. To paraphrase Edmund Burke, if good people don't choose sides, the “side” with power and wealth will always win. Or as Lutheran pastor Korla Masters puts it in this issue, “Jesus invites ... us to whole lives of asking ourselves which side we are on and whole lives of answering that our entire selves belong to the kingdom of heaven.”

All three feature articles in this issue — and in some ways, everything we publish, month after month — serve as reminders that genuine faith is active faith. Matthew Desmond says that he'd “love to see the churches actually take on the money changers in their own community.” Carmen Celestini argues that it's “critical” that “good religion” is leveraged in defense of democratic pluralism in the face of Christian nationalist threats. And Masters writes that Jesus “invites us to imagine ... all that we will love and risk and dare as we nurture the kingdom of heaven” — that is, to choose the side of Christ.

The cover for Sojourners' August 2023 issue, called "The Paradox of Poverty." Small figurines of a white couple in fancy garbs stand on top of a tall stack of silver and gold coins. There are other figurines below working by carrying around dollar bills.
This appears in the August 2023 issue of Sojourners
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