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On the Wrong Side

Letter to the Editors

Randall Balmer (Losing My Religion,” June 2014) offers valuable insight on the union between Christian fundamentalists and the Republican Party. It is little wonder that the underlying issue that galvanized the modern Religious Right was its opposition to anti-discrimination and desegregation laws. Throughout American history Christian fundamentalists have often been on the wrong side of social issues, especially in regard to racial injustices that are rooted in Southern fundamentalists supporting slavery and misusing the scriptures to justify their prejudice.

As a freshman years ago at a conservative Christian liberal arts college, I leaned toward voting for George McGovern because of his commitment to social justice, but was wary about the reaction from my friends and family who habitually voted Republican. My final decision was solidified by the actions of a classmate, who too was the son of a conservative evangelical preacher, when he set up a table in support of Sen. McGovern. His actions confirmed that it was “okay” for a Christian to vote Democratic. Thank you, Mr. Balmer, for your continued leadership, and thank you for being that guy at the table.

Richard W. Jones
Hagerstown, Maryland

This appears in the August 2014 issue of Sojourners
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