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Nuclear Motives?

Letter to the Editors

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (A New Relationship with Iran, May 2014) gave a well-reasoned justification for giving diplomacy with Iran a chance to succeed. Any final deal on both enhanced inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency and lifting economic and trade sanctions will require the approval of Congress. In the past, some members of Congress have preferred to add sanctions, not remove them.

Like many other nations, Iran has been slowly shifting away from hydrocarbon fuels to alternatives for generating electricity—geothermal, nuclear, solar, and wind energy. From the beginning, the sanctions showed the Iranians that for them to have reliable nuclear power plants, they needed to make their own enriched uranium fuel.

Unfortunately, many legislators and their constituents do not understand why the Iranians insist on enriching uranium-235, as it is seldom discussed in the American media. Fortunately, the Iranians have launched a new website ( that explains their motives. This citizen plans to keep reminding my representative and senators to study it.                                   

Bill Buckel
Columbus, Ohio 

This appears in the August 2014 issue of Sojourners