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'Now that I've found you ...'

So now we know why over the past few years our Internet service would sometimes slow to a crawl: Osama bin Laden was tying up the circuits Googling himself. Repeatedly. We found this out from watching videos that one of his three wives apparently took of him sitting in a comfy chair, wrapped in an afghan (or would we call it a pakistan?), drinking a Coke, and generally chilling out in front of a computer screen.

(Quick! What's the difference between Newt Gingrich and Osama bin Laden? Answer: Newt had his three wives one at a time. Hahaha. I kid.)

Personal videotapes were just some of the items found in bin Laden's home after U.S. Navy SEALs attempted to deliver a covered dish and some flowers celebrating their long-delayed reunion. The U.S. military also wanted to drop off several bags of returned mail -- for some reason bin Laden had left no forwarding address during his frequent moves -- as well as a wedding gift, which was a little a awkward since it was at least one wedding behind.

But you know how it is when old friends are reunited, particularly in a region where celebrations traditionally include firing weapons wildly into the air: Someone makes a culturally insensitive joke, somebody accidentally knocks off a visitor's night-vision goggles, and then somebody goes home mad. Or gets buried at sea. Whatever.

But the good news: In reuniting with the world's most wanted criminal mastermind -- sorry, alleged criminal mastermind -- a lot of interesting items were discovered during the clean up. As someone who makes a point of helping tidy up during parties, I appreciate the thoroughness with which the Navy SEALs did their part to straighten up things afterwards, to the extent of even taking some of the mess home with them. Now that's being a good neighbor.

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