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Revolving-Door Injustice

David Cortright calls for realism in his excellent “How to Rid the World of Nuclear Weapons” (May 2010), but he hardly mentions the role our war industry/military/congressional alliance plays in maintaining unnecessary levels of military armaments. For example, the National Nuclear Security Administration recently proposed building a new nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Its capacity would be 50 to 80 new weapons per year.

Is anyone else tired of electing people to the minor leagues (Congress) to get training to become a major leaguer (corporate lobbyist)? How many voters would favor a law that prohibits retired federal legislators and military from going to work for the war industry, where the big salaries are? How about reducing corporate lobbying power and creating public funding for all federal elections?
Bob Rundle
Knoxville, Tennessee

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Sojourners Magazine August 2010
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