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A Psalm of the Pacific

Our Pacific islands are yours, O Lord,
And all the seas that surround them.
You made the palm trees grow,
And the birds fly in the air.

When we see your beautiful rising sun,
And hear the waves splash on our shores,
When we see the new moon rise
And the old moon sink,

We know, O Lord, how wonderful you are.
You bless our people;
From Truk to Tonga and beyond
You spread your caring wings.

Even when we sail through stormy seas,
And fly amidst rain clouds,
We know you await us,
With kaikai and coconut.

You who turn storms into gentle winds,
And troubled seas into tranquil waters,
You who make yams grow
And bananas blossom,

Wash our people with justice;
Teach us with righteousness;
Speak to us daily;
Strengthen, us to serve you.

Barnard Narokobi, from Papua New Guinea, was a lawyer, author of the constitution of Papua New Guinea and Catholic lay leader when this poem appeared.

Reprinted from Pacific People Sing Out Strong, ed. William L. Coop. Copyright 1982, Friendship Press, New York. Used by permission.

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