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Extended Interview with John Cook

The reasons for raising doubts about the human causes of global warming, explains Skeptical Science's John Cook, are often political rather than scientific. Cook hears from climate change skeptics that '"it's all a liberal plot to spread socialism and destroy capitalism.' ... However, what is causing global warming is a purely scientific question." Cook tries to remove the politics from the debate by concentrating on the science.

Sojourners: How does your faith motivate your work?

John Cook: I’m very challenged by Bible passages such as Amos 5 and Matthew 25, which tell me that God cares strongly about social justice and expects us to. Climate change will affect poor, vulnerable countries that have contributed to it the least and are least equipped to adapt. Developing countries such as Bangladesh are vulnerable to rising sea levels; African countries are vulnerable to drought.

What are barriers that prevent people from accepting the reality of climate change?

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