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Enemy of the State of Denial

“EVIL THAT IS in the world always comes of ignorance,” wrote French philosopher Albert Camus, adding “the most incorrigible vice [is] that of an ignorance which fancies it knows everything and therefore claims for itself the right to kill.”

By spreading documentary ground truth—especially about U.S. military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan—the WikiLeaks website has made it more difficult for us to use ignorance as an excuse to let our institutions continue to sin in our name. For example, WikiLeaks posted Army documents that show authorization for secret assassinations by U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen. Or, if you consider seeing to be believing, watch “Collateral Murder,” the gun-barrel video showing 30mm cannon fire from a U.S. Army Apache helicopter that killed a dozen Iraqi civilians, including two Reuters employees, in Baghdad on July 12, 2007. And do not press the “stop” button until you have witnessed the murder of an Iraqi “good Samaritan”—a man who stopped his van to pick up one of those who was shot but was still squirming—and the wounding of his two now-fatherless children in the van.

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