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A Dangerous Journey

With his characteristic combination of prose and poetry, Daniel Berrigan examines our oldest biblical story of liberation in Exodus: Let My People Go. What and who are our pharaohs? How can we be liberated from violence? We must become like Moses, who was favored and privileged but then forever changed when he witnessed abuse: “If a larger world is to be embraced,” Berrigan writes, “a former life must be rejected.” Cascade Books

Growing a Better World

For introducing children to peacemakers and peacemaking, check out Plant a Seed of Peace, by Rebecca Seiling and illustrated by Brooke Rothshank. The book contains stories of 43 peacemakers from different times and countries, such as Kasai Kapata, a pastor in Zaire who responded with love when his life was threatened, and Hedy Sawadsky, a member of Christ­ian Peacemaker Teams in Hebron who stood alongside women who were being persecuted. Herald Press

A Song in Your Heart

Oppressed for decades by Nazi Germany and then by the former Soviet Union, the people of Estonia resisted—and then began a revolution—by singing. In the film The Singing Revolution, producers Maur­een Castle Tusty and Jim Tusty use historical footage and personal interviews with key players to illustrate Estonia’s long tradition of singing and how a timely song festival provided not just the lyrics but the passion to free themselves—peacefully.

The F-Word

In his small, lively book In the World but Not of It, former Sojourners intern Brett Grainger intertwines the history of fundamentalism in Amer­i­ca with the experience of his own family, members of the Plymouth Breth­ren. Both accounts are well-researched and interesting, and include personal stories of major figures in fundamentalism, as well as funny vignettes of uncles and grandparents. Walker & Company

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