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Christians Push Peace in Kenya

As Kenya continues to transition from a one-party nation to a liberal democracy, churches from various traditions are coming together to encourage constructive dialogue between the two major political parties and restore peace. The narrow re-election of President Mwai Kibaki, a Catholic, over opposition leader Raila Odinga sparked allegations of fraud and led to violence and rioting that has left an estimated 600 dead and 200,000 forced from their homes.

Aaron Sundsmo of Amahoro Afri­ca, a Christian peace organization, asks Christians worldwide to push for an international focus on the concerns that come out of poverty and to assess how to give practical aid to those affected by the conflict. “The church needs to be in­volved in both prayer but also in voting and in the whole political process,” Sundsmo said in a newsletter. “And [Christians] should start studying politics and getting involved in political parties to make a change. Those people who want to see change, they need to be involved in the political process. God will honor that.”

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Sojourners Magazine April 2008
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