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All God's Children

AT LONG LAST, Sojourners has spoken out on one of the most pressing of human rights issues of our time: hatred and prejudice aimed at gays and lesbians ("When Dignity is Assaulted," by Jim Rice, February-March 1994). We have been members for a number of years and believe deeply in Sojourners’ commitment to ending discrimination based on race, sex, class, and ethnicity. But our patience was wearing thin over Sojourners’ reluctance to confront discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Rice’s very direct, unequivocal call for all Christians—not just the liberal, but the conservative, biblically based as well—to "stand up and be counted" in fighting bigotry against homosexuals was long overdue. We hope and pray, however, that many more articles will follow to remind all of us that gays and lesbians, as God’s children, deserve the same rights and dignity as the rest of creation.

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Sojourners Magazine April 1994
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