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Funny Business

EDITOR'S NOTE: The material in this column does not necessarily reflect the views of Sojourners magazine or its staff. (They made me put that in ...)

An Urge to Purge ...

We've frankly become a little tired of all the Quayle-bashing we see in the media these days. We feel that our vice president has more than proven himself in his new position as remote site spokesperson for the administration and should be given a little better treatment. So we are calling for a national moratorium on making fun of Dan Quayle. Enough is enough.

So this is absolutely our last time.

(Unfortunately, we have to devote most of the column to this purpose. We could have dragged it out over the year, but we felt it would be unkind. So here it is all at once.)

- At a recent banquet honoring former President Ronald Reagan, attendees respectfully finished their meals as the guest of honor was introduced to begin his speech. As President Reagan spoke, Dan Quayle, seated with other dignitaries, was the only person in the room who continued eating.

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