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I Come And Stand Among You With My Joy

For Easter 1978 David McKeithen, a member of Sojourners Fellowship, wrote a musical which was shared at our Sunday morning worship. Following are his reflections and two of the songs, which we offer as our gift of resurrection joy to you during this special season. --The Editors

Mary of Magdala had been crying outside the tomb, not knowing where the Lord had been taken. Jesus, standing there, asked her why she was crying and who she was looking for. Mistaking him for the gardener, she said, "Oh, sir, if you have carried him away, please tell me where you have laid him and I will take him away." Then Jesus simply said "Mary," and immediately she knew him. "Master," she replied, and went to him to hold him.

One Holy Week I was working with this Easter passage in John 20. I was particularly drawn into it by the interchange between Mary and Jesus. That encounter pictured a knowing love that each shared for the other -- the shared love of sister and brother, of child of God and risen Lord.

John writes that Jesus sent Mary on to share the resurrection news with the disciples. I imagined her excitement and joy as she hurried to tell her friends. I could also understand the fear and confusion of the disciples as they gathered behind the bolted doors and received the news. The final scene in the passage is that of the risen Lord himself coming and standing among the fearful disciples, offering his peace and empowerment in his Spirit.

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