Women and Girls

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Since the 1970s, Sojourners has been committed to resisting sexism and misogyny by advocating for a world where women and men are given equal respect and opportunity in the church and beyond. To help that vision become a reality, the Women and Girls Campaign works to address gender-based violence from a faith-based perspective and seeks to close the gender gap in church leadership through storytelling, scriptural analysis, and resources. 

The Women and Girls Campaign advocates for trauma-informed and women-empowering legislation, particularly legislation against domestic and sexual violence. We also encourage seminaries to include domestic and sexual violence training, so church leaders can be equipped to offer pastoral care to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Women and Girls

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An invitation to uplift the sanctity, struggle and stories of mothers as co-creators with the Divine. Join us in Embracing Mamas, Embracing Life.
Watch a recording of the 10 Out of 10 Webinar addressing what seminaries and institutions can do to equip future faith leaders to address domestic and sexual violence in their practice.
A collection of sermons on domestic and sexual violence. Search our database by location, scripture, or denomination and learn how you can begin making your church a safer sanctuary for survivors.
Women and Girls
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