Communities of color are under alarming threat today as black men and women are disproportionately targeted by a broken criminal justice system, which is the product of a centuries long historical process of institutional racism. Police shootings of unarmed people of color have created a crisis in this nation and we believe the church has a responsibility to respond.

Sojourners, in partnership with the Howard University School of Divinity and the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), presents the Theology and Racialized Policing Cohort Program.

Program Details

  • Please Note: The program is full and we are no longer accepting applications. 
  • From October 2019 – May 2020, participants will attend five in-person sessions and three remote video calls:
    • October 24: In-person opening retreat – Theology and the Criminal Justice System
    • November 21: In-person session – State of Racialized Policing Today
    • December 12: Zoom call – Policing in the Washington, D.C. Region
    • January 16: In-person retreat – Clergy, Advocacy and Media Skills
    • February 27: Zoom call – "Say Her Name" Gender-based Violence and Law Enforcement
    • March 19: In-person session – Faith Leaders as Change Agents
    • April 16: Zoom call – The Politics and Policies of Re-entry
    • May 21: In-person session – Theology and Policing Campaign Next Steps
  • There is no cost for this program.

What Participants will get out of the Program

  1. A Continuing Education Certificate in Theology and Racialized Policing, granted by the Howard University School of Divinity
  2. Training on how to respond in crisis situations
  3. Greater knowledge of criminal justice and racialized policing issues affecting your community
  4. Strengthened connections with local law enforcement officials
  5. Community organizing training
  6. Advocacy and media training, including how to write an op-ed and hold a press conference
  7. Pastoral mentoring of next generation leaders
  8. A Cohort handbook and training manual

This special accredited Cohort Program is specifically designed for clergy. We will equip them to better respond to incidences of racialized policing and police violence in their communities while they serve as thriving and committed leaders. For one of the five in-person sessions, we will host a retreat featuring key racial experts discussing local strategy. In conjunction with local police precincts we will update existing scorecards according to the 21st Century Policing Guidelines and host a series of events designed to engage the broader community. For more information, contact Rev. Terrance McKinley at