Sojourners, in partnership with Howard University School of Divinity, is pleased to announce the Theology, Racialized Policing, and Justice Reform Cohort Program, a non-degree certificate program beginning in September 2022. Participants will engage the intersections of theology, policing, mass incarnation, and racial disparities in the criminal legal system. The program is designed to empower participants to respond to the state of emergency in communities of color, to better enable to them to care for the physical and spiritual needs of their communities so that they can thrive in uncertain times in the absence of policy solutions.

The deadline to apply is been extended to Monday, September 19. 

Program Details

When: The program starts September 24, 2022 and ends December 1, 2022. The cohort will meet every Thursday at 6:30pm ET for seven weeks. Each session is 90 minutes.

Where: The cohort will take place online with two opportunities for optional in-person gatherings in DC.

Who: We invite pastors, clergy, and next generation faith leaders serving communities of color most impacted by racialized policing and the biases of the justice system to apply.

What: This Cohort Program will equip participants to respond to the crisis of racialized policing. A Certificate in Theology and Racialized Policing will be granted upon completion. This cohort will:

  • Provide a theological framework for justice based in the creation narratives and their implication for human dignity, justice, and equity today

  • Provide an overview of the criminal justice system as it is now—from policing to detention, prosecution to sentencing, and confinement to release

  • Equip participants with Practical Theology tools that will help them construct a strategic message concerning social justice and criminal justice reform, using preaching, teaching, and other aspects of corporate worship to nurture thriving communities and congregations 

  • Explore the role of faith leaders as relevant and effective agents of change, as we discern what our work is to do now and advocate for a better tomorrow

Program Cost: $750. Scholarships are available.



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