Did you know you can collect your favorite news sources from all over the web and read them in one place? To do so you use a "Feed Reader" website or app and add RSS Feeds to that reader. Below is a list of Sojo.net RSS feeds.  Copy the link for the feed you want to follow and paste it into your reader:

Sojourners Podcast Feeds

Sojourners RSS News Feeds

Suggested Feed Reader Web Services or Apps

There are many web services or apps you can use to gather your RSS feeds into one consolidated interface. Here's a few we suggest:

Web-based Readers

Web service or website feed readers can be visited directly from your web browser. The most popular web readers are:

Apps or Browser Plugins

If you'd like to subscribe to RSS feeds on your mobile device or using a browser extension, checkout some of the most popular apps below:

How do I start using feeds?

First, download or setup one of the recommended RSS reader web services or apps above. There's also many other RSS readers available, so choose one that best fits the web services or devices you already use. Simply search the web or appropriate app store for "RSS Reader"

Once you've decided on a method for reading your RSS feeds, simply copy the link above for the appropriate Sojourners RSS feed and paste it into your RSS reader's "add feed" (or similarly named) section. From that point on you'll receive automatic updates and article previews whenever new content is posted on sojo.net. It's just that simple!

Using Sojourners RSS Feeds On Your Website

If you run your own website, you can display the latest headlines from Sojourners blogs on your own site using RSS. Given limited staff resources, we are unable to provide technical support in explaining how to set up a feed on your site, but many fine (and free) resources are available on the Web with a little searching.

We encourage the use of Sojourners feeds as part of a Web site. However, we do require that proper attribution be used when our content appears. The attribution text should read “Sojourners” and link to “sojo.net“.