Timothy McMahan King is the author of the forthcoming book Addiction Nation: What the Opioid Crisis Reveals About Us, available June 11 from Herald Press.

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Audio: Interview with Diana Butler Bass

by Timothy McMahan King 03-03-2009

Here's a recent conversation I had with Diana Butler Bass, author of the new book http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0061448702?ie=UTF8&tag=sojo_blog-20&lin...

On the Corruption of a Young Evangelical

by Timothy McMahan King 01-30-2009
Philis Schlafly, a long time leader of the Religious Right and known for her opposition to the Equal Rights Amendm

Going Green

by Timothy McMahan King 01-01-2009

There is a battle raging for the definition of “green.” For years the stereotype meant tree-hugging polar-bear lovers and coffee-sipping Prius drivers. But public relations campaigns launched across the country have redefined “green” as anyone who has changed their light bulbs. We should all hope that the very different vision of California-based activist Van Jones, put forward in The Green Collar Economy, wins this war.

Blagojevich, Illinois' Corruption, and the Reformers Who've Fought It

by Timothy McMahan King 12-12-2008
Somebody had to say it, and they came from Hyde Park.

I Am a Predatory Borrower

by Timothy McMahan King 11-21-2008

'Yes Men' Distribute Fake New York Times Declaring 'Iraq War Ends'!

by Timothy McMahan King 11-12-2008

Eating scrolls, taking a stroll around the city naked, cooking food over dung, marrying a prostitute, and naming your kid "Not My People" are just a few examples of the behavior of biblical prophets.

The Confession of a Young White Evangelical

by Timothy McMahan King 11-10-2008
Sorry Mr.

Jesus is not an Essene nor a Herodian

by Timothy McMahan King 10-31-2008
If you care about peace, justice, the common good, poor people, the environment, genocide, war, peoples' health, human life or general wellbeing, come hell or high water, you are going to vote on N

An InterVarsity Chapter Shifts Focus from the Campus Booth to the Voting Booth

by Timothy McMahan King 10-23-2008

Max Kuecker was a devoted member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IV) on Northwestern's campus in the mid 90's. It provided faith, fellowship, support, and friends. One thing, however, really bothered him: "It was clear from the culture around me that to be a Christian meant I had to be a Republican.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

by Timothy McMahan King 10-03-2008
Aaron jumped back when he heard the words. He looked at me in disbelief. "Like, a real one? A born-again one?" he asked.

One Day, I Will Join the NRA

by Timothy McMahan King 09-12-2008

National Rifle AssociationThis week, The New York Times ran an editorial about H.R. 6691, follow-up legislation to the June Supreme Court decision on D.C.'s gun ban. After reading the editorial, I made a resolution: [...]