Sheldon C. Good, a former Sojourners media assistant, is associate director of Eastern Mennonite University's Washington (D.C.) Community Scholars' CenterHe is a graduate of Goshen (Ind.) College and a member of Salford Mennonite Church.

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Arizona Immigration Conflagration News Round-Up

by Sheldon Good 04-29-2010
The media

Mennonite College Follows First Playing of National Anthem with St. Francis' Peace Prayer

by Sheldon Good 03-31-2010
From the beginning, I opposed Goshen's landmark decision to play the national anthem before selec

Mennonite College Will Now Play National Anthem Before Sporting Events

by Sheldon Good 03-01-2010
Goshen (Ind.) College recently unveiled its landmark decision to play the national anthem befor

Guess Who's Getting a Christmas Bonus

by Sheldon Good 12-10-2009

Do you think you'll get a Christmas bonus this year? I know one person who will -- the new chief executive who will take over for Ken Lewis at Bank of America.

Spending Less on Food, Spending More on Health Care

by Sheldon Good 11-27-2009
As the health-care bill passes through Congress, one wonders about an issue that has been left out of discussions. No, not abortion. Food.

Biden on the Bailouts: 'Socialism for the Rich, and Capitalism for the poor'

by Sheldon Good 11-18-2009

091118-biden-daily-showJoe Biden admitted last night on The Daily Show that the billions of dollars we've spent on big bank bailouts is "socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the poor." No kidding. There's been much consternation related to the bailout of Wall Street. And even though ...

As the Climate Change Clock Ticks Toward Copenhagen, Global Activists Take to the Streets

by Sheldon Good 10-23-2009
Climate change has become a major worldwide grassroots movement -- one that doesn't acknowledge geographic or sociological borders.

Happy Anniversary, Afghanistan

by Sheldon Good 10-13-2009
On October 7, the U.S.

Running the Green Race

by Sheldon Good 10-09-2009
For the past week, I've been inspired as I've watched (online) houses being erected along the National Mall. The U.S.

Video: Fake Newspaper Prints Real News on Climate Change

by Sheldon Good 09-23-2009

090923-new-york-post-were-screwedOn Monday, millions of people received a "special edition" of The New York Post that told the truth: "We're Screwed." I guess only fake newspapers can print real news.

More than 2,000 volunteers of The Yes Men, a "culture jamming" group, distributed a fake edition of The Post in New York City....