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Rose, a native of the West Coast, lives in Washington, D.C. She has been on Sojourners staff since 1986.

For more than 30 years, Rose has rooted herself with Sojourners magazine and ministry. She is author of Bending the Arch: Poems (2019), Drawn By God: A History of the Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries from 1967 to 1991 (with Janet Gottschalk, 2012), and Who Killed Donte Manning? The Story of an American Neighborhood.

A native of the West Coast, Rose has lived in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C. since the mid-1980s. In the course of a 30 plus-year career in faith-based activism, advocacy journalism, and pastoral leadership, she has proven to be a skilled organizer, exceptional writer, visionary pastoral leader, and innovative teacher of biblical literacy.

With Sojourners, Rose has worked as an organizer on peace and environmental issues, internship program director, liturgist, community pastor, poetry editor, and, currently, as a Senior Associate Editor of Sojourners magazine, where she writes a regular column on spirituality and justice. She is responsible for the Living the Word section, poetry, Bible studies, and interviews – and oversees the production of study guides, discussion guides, and the online bible study Preaching the Word. She is also a religion reviewer for Publishers Weekly and a Huffington Post commentator. Her work has appeared in National Catholic Reporter, Publishers Weekly, Religion News Service, Radical Grace-Oneing, The Merton Seasonal, U.S. Catholic, and elsewhere.

Rose has a veteran history in social justice activism, including: organizing inter-religious witness against the Keystone XL pipeline; educating and training groups in nonviolence; leading retreats in spirituality and justice; writing on topics as diverse as the “Spiritual Vision of Van Gogh, O'Keeffe, and Warhol,” the war in the Balkans, interviews with black activists Vincent Harding and Yvonne Delk, the Love Canal's Lois Gibbs, and Mexican archbishop Ruiz, cultural commentary on the Catholic church and the peace movement, reviews of movies, books, and music.

A founding member of a small creative writing group, Rose Berger has taught writing and poetry workshops for children and adults. She’s completed her MFA in poetry through the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast program. Her poetry has been published in Sojourners, The Other Side, Radix and D.C. Poets Against the War.

Rose grew up in the Central Valley of California, located in the rich flood plains of the Sacramento and American rivers. Raised in radical Catholic communities heavily influenced by Franciscans and the Catholic Worker movement, she served for nine years on the pastoral team for Sojourners Community Church; five as its co-pastor. She directed Sojourners internship program from 1990-1999. She is currently senior editor and poetry editor for Sojourners magazine.

She has traveled throughout the United States, and also in Israel/Palestine, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosova, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and El Salvador visiting primarily with faith communities working for peace in situations of conflict.

Rose’s articles include:

She lives in the Southern Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C., in the Anacostia watershed on traditional Piscataway lands.

Posts By This Author

Something Rotten?

by Rose Marie Berger, by Alexis Vaughan 08-01-2008

Globally, the price of food is skyrocketing, causing riots in developing countries. In the U.S., food banks are running low on donations and high on visitors.

Brother, Where Art Thou?

by Alexis Vaughan, by Rose Marie Berger 08-01-2008

Each month, 60,000 Iraqis are forced to leave their homes due to continuing violence, according to a Sept. 2007 report by the U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Since 2003, when the U.S.

An Evangelical Manifesto

by Rose Marie Berger, by Alexis Vaughan 07-01-2008
"Being disciples of Jesus means serving him in public as well as private."

Beyond Evangelical Right and Left

by Rose Marie Berger, by Alexis Vaughan 07-01-2008

Prominent U.S.

The Church Has Left the Building

by Rose Marie Berger, by Alexis Vaughan 07-01-2008

An Exxon gas station in Cedar Park, Texas, was taken over by members of HighPoint Fellowship church on April 27 as part of “Faith in Action” Sunday.

Repairing the Breach

by Rose Marie Berger, by Alexis Vaughan 07-01-2008

The first U.S. interfaith loan fund to provide support for long-term domestic disaster recovery was launched in New Orleans on May 15.

Catholic Worker Movement Turns 75

by Rose Marie Berger, by Alexis Vaughan 07-01-2008

The Catholic Worker movement, founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in 1933, celebrated its 75th anniversary on May 1.

Real Product

by Alexis Vaughan, by Rose Marie Berger 07-01-2008
Real product Our Plastic Home Don't know what to get for the person who bought a lifetime family membership to the Kentucky-based Creation Museum? Try the "Creation Globe" from David C. Cook.

Be a 'Budget Hero'

by Rose Marie Berger 06-23-2008

American Public Media recently launched Budget Hero--an interactive game that lets people explore the major [...]

What I Did With My Stimulus Check

by Rose Marie Berger 06-10-2008

Mr. Philip A. Belisle
United States Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Kansas City, MO 64999-0025

Dear Sir:

On May 9, 2008, I received an "economic stimulus payment" from you for the amount of $600.00. I'm concerned that I received this check in error. As I understand it, you are $9 trillion in debt. You have [...]

To Give or Not to Give?

by Rose Marie Berger 06-01-2008
Pondering the rights of the poor while in line at Dunkin' Donuts.

Megachurches Meet on Immigration

by Rose Marie Berger, by Alexis Vaughan 06-01-2008

Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform a Sojourners supported project hosted a dialogue in March with 40 Latino and Anglo evangelical pastors at Iglesia El Calvario, a 5,000-member Latino

Mexico Without Its Corn?

by Rose Marie Berger, by Alexis Vaughan 06-01-2008

“Without corn there is no country” is the slogan tens of thousands of small farmers in Mexico are using to protest the full implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NA

Real Product: Manicured Ministry

by Alexis Vaughan, by Rose Marie Berger 06-01-2008

The Dangers of Heavy Metal

by Alexis Vaughan, by Rose Marie Berger 06-01-2008

In March, advocates from Peruvian human rights and environmental organizations met in Washington, D.C., with representatives from the Inter-American Com­mission on Human Rights and the Peruvian

Living for the City

by Rose Marie Berger, by Alexis Vaughan 06-01-2008

For the first time in history, more people live in urban than rural areas, according to a 2007 U.N.

Joseph Dantica's Death

by Rose Marie Berger 05-14-2008

Sojourners magazine scooped CBS's 60 Minutes when we interviewed Haitian author Edwidge Danticat in April about the death of her uncle, Joseph Dantica (she spells her name differently than her uncle), and about immigration issues. Watch 60 Minutes correspondent

A Rose That Blooms Every 500 Years

by Rose Marie Berger 05-08-2008

At the Associated Church Press conference two weeks ago in Ft. Worth, Texas, I heard Phyllis Tickle, founding editor of the religion department at Publishers Weekly, speak about Christianity's every-500-years growth spurts. In her talk (and forthcoming book

Pope Watch: Part 2

by Rose Marie Berger 04-21-2008

Sometimes I wish I could channel Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan. Then I'd be able to tell you why the pope was wearing bright red leather shoes.

I stood in the press corps balcony watching the popemobile flanked by black Escalades approach the John Paul II Cultural Center for Benedict XVI's interreligious meeting with faith leaders. He entered the brightly lit atrium to the [...]

Pope Watch: Part 1

by Rose Marie Berger 04-18-2008

I love the "construction phase" of liturgy and great ceremony. Waiting at the John Paul II Cultural Center for Pope Benedict to arrive for a meeting with interreligious leaders, I took a quick tour through some of the artwork. I was especially impressed by the wacky Warhol print of John Paul II. Also, through the atrium windows I could see a 25-yard-long brightly colored creation laid out on the floor by Guatemalan artists to welcome the pope and wish him peace. It appears to be made of [...]