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Consuming Our Way to Compassion

by Rachel Anderson 02-04-2010

"Help us raise $10 million for Haiti!!!"

My friend Laura forwarded me this e-mail along with a note: "the subject line enticed me. Then I realized that it was a credit card offer."

Who Has Ears to Hear at Davos?

by Rachel Anderson 02-01-2010

A Broken Trust

by Rachel Anderson 01-01-2010

Congress must rein in abusive lending.

A Moral Mandate for Financial Reform

by Rachel Anderson 10-14-2009
After all the financial turmoil that 2009 has already brought, one would think that it would somehow be logical and practical to bring accountable reforms to the same banking institutions whose re

Integrity and the Economic Crisis

by Rachel Anderson 09-21-2009
The economic crisis that started last fall and was remembered last week brought to light a lot of things: the vulnerability of

A Pre-Consumption Prayer

by Rachel Anderson 11-28-2008

"Consumption" isn't a bad word. Even as we watch the excesses of the consumer economy crumble and collapse around us, we should remember that the word "consume" also means "to eat."

Thinking Thankfully About Money

by Rachel Anderson 11-25-2008

When you are giving thanks this week, why not give thanks for money? Sound crass? It shouldn't be, because that's what could empower a household economy based on gratitude rather than one driven by greed or guilt.

'Impossible' Barriers Breached

by Rachel Anderson 11-11-2008
Last September, Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University became a source of inspiration for many Americans.