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Nicola A. Menzie is a contributor to RNS.

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Feeling Ignored, Black Christians Pray, Vent in National Conference Call

by Nicola A. Menzie 07-12-2016

African-Americans often express frustration at white Americans for overlooking their grief at the deaths of young black men shot and killed by police.

On a conference call last week, hours before Micah Xavier Johnson, a black man, opened fire and killed five white police officers, about 500 Christians, black and white, tried to bridge that racial divide.

Michelle Higgins: Black People Are Sacred to God

by Nicola A. Menzie 01-14-2016

Michelle Higgins. Image via Urbana/RNS

Michelle Higgins has been making waves lately. A leader in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, she recently addressed a gathering of 16,000 evangelical students at an InterVarsity conference in St. Louis, during which she urged them to back the movement.