Melissa Florer-Bixler

Melissa Florer-Bixler is the pastor of Raleigh Mennonite Church in North Carolina where she works towards the formation of broad coalitions that exercise citizen power for the common good. She is the author of Fire By Night: Finding God in the Pages of the Old Testament (Herald Press: 2019).

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The Kin-dom of Christ

by Melissa Florer-Bixler 11-20-2018


Lamps and debt. A friend in the night, and a sower of seeds. Wine, nets, pearls, weeds, and treasure. What is the kingdom of God like? It is like leaven and it is like two sons, like bridesmaids and sheep, like workers and judges.

In the 37 times that Jesus describes the reign of God in the Gospels, not once is the kingdom of God like a kingdom of earth. Thirty-seven times Jesus reshapes the imaginations of his followers. Thirty-seven times Jesus tells them a story to help them remake the only world they know.

A Resistance Playlist for These Days

by Melissa Florer-Bixler 10-18-2018

The work of liberation is long and hard, but music is one way we are sustained and renewed. I asked women in the throes of decolonization, activism, community organizing, pastoring, and liberative writing what songs encourage them as they engage in the work of justice and resistance. Here are their responses.