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Maryada Vallet, originally from Arizona, has kept busy as a border humanitarian, health professional, catholic worker and activist on the US-Mexico border since 2005. Most recently, Maryada has worked with World Vision International in humanitarian response, with her alma mater Azusa Pacific University as an adjunct, and as a consultant for international organizations. For more on US-Mexico border humanitarian work and faith-based principles for immigration reform

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World Refugee Day 2012: Redefine Who Deserves Refugee Protection from Christian Communities

by Maryada Vallet 06-20-2012
World Refugee Day illustration, ajfi /

World Refugee Day illustration, ajfi /

Who is a refugee in our world today? How does one receive “refugee protection” and is this determination fair and just? On World Refugee Day 2012, June 20we remember those who have fled persecution because of their ethnicity or country of origin, religion or political views. 

These atrocities are serious and asylum an appropriate response. The UNHCR reports that 800,000 people became refugees in 2011, while a total of 4.3 million people became newly displaced (mostly hosted in Africa and the Middle East).

Success in the Immigration Reform Movement After SB 1070

by Maryada Vallet 04-26-2011
This week marks the one-year anniversary of the signing of SB 1070 in Arizona, the controversial bill that mobilized thousands around

Flood of Refugees from Libya Pose New Opportunities for Welcoming the Stranger

by Maryada Vallet 03-14-2011
As the world is watching Libya, I am keeping close watch and prayers over the sea.

For True Civility in Arizona, The Walls Must Come Down

by Maryada Vallet 02-09-2011
The shooting in Tucson, Arizona has spurred numerous 'calls for civility' in the heated political tension of Arizona and beyond.

Don't Deport My Neighbor!

by Maryada Vallet 10-15-2010
Are you feeling dismayed that comprehensive immigration reform will not be a victory this year? I am with you in those feelings of frustration.

Charges Against Border Humanitarians Reversed

by Maryada Vallet 09-13-2010
In southern Arizona, a glimmer of hope for immigration activists is like a drop of water on a hot summer day -- you are quenched for a brief moment, but the moment is gone once you realize how thir

Arizona Reveals a Struggle Beyond the Courtroom and the Ballot

by Maryada Vallet 08-02-2010
In light of recent events in Arizona, I propose we lead in our communities where national and global leaders lag behind on issues of human rights and love of neighbor.

Deportations that Destroy the Human Spirit

by Maryada Vallet 07-09-2010
"Maybe I would be better off just crossing again and going to prison for many years." Upon hearing this, an instant knot forms in my gut.

Evangelicals on the Border: Relationship Instead of Partisanship

by Maryada Vallet 05-07-2010
"When we met the young lady in Nogales, the daddy in me wanted to take her to a safe place.

Evangelicals on the Border: Steps Forward and Back for Immigrants

by Maryada Vallet 04-21-2010
From the borderlands perspective, it has been a week of momentous steps both forward and back for immigrants.