Maryada Vallet, originally from Arizona, has kept busy as a border humanitarian, health professional, catholic worker and activist on the US-Mexico border since 2005. Most recently, Maryada has worked with World Vision International in humanitarian response, with her alma mater Azusa Pacific University as an adjunct, and as a consultant for international organizations. For more on US-Mexico border humanitarian work and faith-based principles for immigration reform

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Evangelical Border Perspective: If Seeing is Believing

by Maryada Vallet 04-06-2010
I recently guided a national group of evangelical leaders to the Arizona-Mexico border. The visit was momentous and timely for many reasons.

A Real Hero

by Maryada Vallet 03-25-2010

Death on the Border: Who's the Criminal Here?

by Maryada Vallet 12-01-2009
As a community of faith and conscience in Southern Arizona, we have seen more than a decade of deadly border enforcement, free trade, and immigration policies destroying habitat and home for many.

Border Walls Keep Out Mary and Baby

by Maryada Vallet 12-18-2008
She walks the trails until her ankles swell and her back pulsates with pain.