Margaret Benefiel, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Shalem Institute (, has served as Chair of the Academy of Management's Management, Spirituality, and Religion Group.  She also serves as Co-chair of the Christian Spirituality Group of the American Academy of Religion.  Over 1,000 executives, managers, and other leaders have participated in her seminars and courses.  Author of Soul at Work and The Soul of a Leader, and co-editor of The Soul of Supervision, Dr. Benefiel has also written for The Leadership Quarterly, Management Communication Quarterly, Managerial Finance, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Organization, Personal Excellence, Psychology of Religion and SpiritualityAmericaPresence, The Way, Studies in Spirituality, Radical Grace, and Faith at Work.  She lives with her husband in Washington, D.C. and enjoys hiking, cycling, reading novels, and scuba diving in her free time.

Posts By This Author

Toyota: Can a Corporation Repent?

by Margaret Benefiel 04-28-2010
Will Toyota repent?

Healing the Nation's Soul with Mutual Respect

by Margaret Benefiel 03-24-2010
The health-care struggle culminating in Sunday's vote brought out the best and the worst of legislators' and citizens' behavior.

The Soul of Davos: Oxymoron?

by Margaret Benefiel 02-04-2010

In past years, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, focused primarily on business and politics as usual. Any talk of the World Economic Forum's soul would have fizzled quickly.

The Murphy Report on Clergy Sexual Abuse: Why We All Need Accountability

by Margaret Benefiel 12-08-2009
The day the Murphy Report on clergy sexual abuse of children in Dublin, Ireland was recently released found me

An Afghan Leader We Can Admire

by Margaret Benefiel 11-30-2009

Practicing Jesus' Third Way in the Public Square

by Margaret Benefiel 11-13-2009
In the midst of the hate speech that's surfacing in the public square these days, I've been asking myself how I can respond to such speech nonviolently.

Calling Big Banks to Account

by Margaret Benefiel 11-03-2009
Thousands of protesters converged on Chicago last week to demand banking reform, challenging bankers gathered

Signs of Evangelical Renewal

by Margaret Benefiel 10-26-2009
At a major conference at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Massachusetts recently, 500 evangelicals met to discuss how to "renew the evangelical mission."

Video: Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls out Conservative Fringe

by Margaret Benefiel 10-20-2009
Sen. Lindsey Graham demonstrated recently what soulful leadership looks like in the Republican Party.