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Lynne Hybels, co-founder of Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois, is author of Nice Girls Don’t Change the World and a columnist for Sojourners magazine.

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When People Become a Commodity

by Lynne Hybels 06-03-2011

A club owner in Chicago can pick up the phone and "mail-order" three girls from Eastern Europe.

An Apology to My Muslim Friends

by Lynne Hybels 03-09-2011
On the weekend of Oct. 6, 2001 -- less than one month after 9/11 -- my husband preached a sermon called "Religion Gone Awry." That was not the message he had originally scheduled for that weekend.

Tahrir Square: The Many Little Revolutions

by Lynne Hybels 02-15-2011

Last week, I received this photo of Maggie, an Egyptian Christian friend who is a documentary filmmaker. When I asked her if I could post the photo on my blog, she sent me this email in return:

How to Pray for Egypt

by Lynne Hybels 02-04-2011
Here is a new update from my friend, Wafik Wahba, Associate Professor of Global Christianity at Tyndale University and Seminary.

Cooking Up Peace

by Lynne Hybels 02-01-2011

Six Christian women from an evangelical church in Texas invited six Jewish women from a local synagogue and six Muslim women from a local mosque to form a cooking club.

Prayer and Fasting for Egypt

by Lynne Hybels 01-31-2011
An Egyptian friend living in Chicago just spoke with a pastor in Cairo. For security purposes, I have not used the name of the pastor in Cairo, but I do know him and deeply respect him.

Jesus' Best Work

by Lynne Hybels 12-01-2010

In February 2009, I attended a conference in Egypt taught by Arab Christians from throughout the Middle East.

Waging Peace During Threats of Terrorism

by Lynne Hybels 11-09-2010
We've all heard the horrible news of the threatening packages sent from"

Hope for the Holy Land

by Lynne Hybels 09-02-2010

Two years ago, as I listened to the escalating rhetoric of hate in the international media, I became haunted by the thought that Christians, Muslims, and Jews are going to blow up the world.

The Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman

by Lynne Hybels 09-01-2010

In the DRC, soldiers use women's bodies as a battlefield.