Lynne Hybels, co-founder of Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois, is author of Nice Girls Don’t Change the World and a columnist for Sojourners magazine.

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A New Conversation in the Holy Land

by Lynne Hybels 02-13-2009
A year ago I became haunted by the notion that Christians, Muslims, and Jews are going to blow up the world unless we learn to get along.

Racial Reconciliation: A Necessary Conversion

by Lynne Hybels 01-15-2009
In 2001, my husband Bill was jolted out of racial complacency.

Listening and Learning in the Middle East

by Lynne Hybels 11-20-2008
In October I spent a week in Amman, Jordan, listening to Arab Christians from Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt.

President Obama: Honor Your Call to the Common Good

by Lynne Hybels 11-05-2008
While my friend, Christine, sent me iPhone photos of the thousands of ecstatic Chicagoans she partied with last night in Grant Park, I pondered what I would write to you this morning.