Mobilizing Assistant

Lucas Keller is originally from Greenville, Ohio and a recent graduate of Bluffton University. While in college he designed an individualized major in Sociology and Community Development. Lucas has had a heart for social justice ever since attending the Church of the Brethren’s Christian Citizenship Seminar. This event is where he got his first taste of lobbying to his congressperson. As Lucas began learning more about these issues, Sojourners brought him hope for a better future for the world. This hope ultimately led him to applying to the fellowship program.

Lucas is specifically passionate about creating a platform for those who have been underheard. His dream is to see a world where every person finds their voice and decisions can be made for the common good rather than for the good of those with a platform. Until that world comes into being, he wants to lend his own voice to those who need it most. Outside of the office Lucas enjoys biking around the D.C. area, visiting local coffee shops, and reading all the books his family places in front of him. Some of his favorite books are What Is the Bible? by Rob Bell, The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton, and the entire Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. When he is home in Ohio, his favorite activity is trying to make his two nephews laugh.