Logan (Mehl-Laituri) Isaac is an Army veteran with combat experience in Iraq. He has also traveled with Christian Peacemaker Teams in Israel and Palestine. Testimonies from the truth commission hearings and the final report can be found here.

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Prepared to Die, but Not to Kill

by Logan Isaac 08-31-2009
I recently received a reply or two on my last blog post, regarding Sgt.

Court-martialed for Christian Conscience

by Logan Isaac 08-18-2009

There are good men (and certainly at least a few women) who have been slipping through the cracks within our military. Too often service members are not made fully aware of their rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Sgt. Travis Bishop, out of Ft.

Risking Ourselves for Peace

by Logan Isaac 08-04-2009
I'm a big fan of iTunesU, and I usually try to listen to informative podcasts on long drives, since I can't read and drive simultaneously.

The State and the Union

by Logan Isaac 06-01-2009

Should the government get out of the marriage business?

The Myth of Holy War

by Logan Isaac 05-29-2009
I, like Aaron Taylor before me, noticed the GQ expose of the Worldwi

When Calls to 'Unity' Sow Division in the Civil Union Debate

by Logan Isaac 03-27-2009
Last month, legislators in Hawaii introduced House Bill 444 (HB 444), which would provide rights and privileges to same-

The Sad State of Dialogue on Civil Unions

by Logan Isaac 02-26-2009
I am an evangelical Christian who attends church regularly, so I was surprised to see a worship service on the grounds of the Hawaii state capitol this past Sunday.

The Myth of Redemptive Violence: The Day the Earth Stood Still

by Logan Isaac 12-15-2008
In the spirit of peace on earth and goodwill toward all, I went to see the remake of the 1951 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, in whi

An Iraq Veteran's Ambivalent Vote

by Logan Isaac 11-03-2008
I have given a lot of thought in the last several months about the vote coming up.

Body of War's All-Star Soundtrack

by Logan Isaac 05-13-2008

My fingers have been tapping out of control for more than a month and a half now. Don't worry, though -- I am not falling to the symptoms of my own PTSD just yet. At the completion of the Winter Soldier event, all Iraq [...]

My Testimony as a 'Winter Soldier' Witness

by Logan Isaac 03-17-2008

The Cost of War

During the last four days, more than 100 Iraq Veterans Against the War combat veterans, academics, and international guests shared their [...]

The Limits of Obedience

by Logan Isaac 03-10-2008

The Cost of War

In my last post, I illustrated my intention to participate in a collective type of confession from members of our Armed Forces. I am of course speaking of the upcoming

War Crimes or Criminal War

by Logan Isaac 02-20-2008

The Cost of War

In March, just prior to the fifth anniversary of the war of terror in Iraq, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will be shaking the dust off a decades-old heritage of accountability and oversight in combat by its participants. The

Soldier Suicides: Counting the Forgotten Casualties of War

by Logan Isaac 12-05-2007

After more than six years of field exercises in some of the most grueling weather our country offers, I am rarely affected by even the most chilling winter rains. Months of accumulated time in the forests of North Carolina, the deserts of California, and the wetlands of Louisiana - training for war has built up in me a bit of immunity to succumbing to the shivers. However, there is one thing that [...]

Soldier Saints and Patriot Pacifists

by Logan Isaac 11-08-2007
This year, Nov. 11 will be a particularly joyous day for this veteran.

Returning to a Green Orthodoxy

by Logan Isaac 09-18-2007

In an encouraging shift away from the status quo, many Christian groups are taking a more focused look at stewarding God's creation. A few notable references to biblical environmentalism have been popping up in the news lately. On the recently aired CNN series "God's Warriors," Richard Cizik explains