Advertising Assistant

While I was raised in Bel Air, Maryland, I come to Sojourners most directly from Wayne, Pennsylvania, having attended Eastern University for the past 4 years. I studied Social Work during my time at Eastern and graduated in 2018 with my BSW. My time at Eastern was crucial in terms of developing my awareness of social justice issues and movements, as well as how my faith should impact my involvement in such causes. I was fortunate to be involved in the work of several different on-campus ministries, and eventually was led to intern at a family shelter in Philadelphia during my senior year. In addition to the awareness and drive that Eastern has helped to hone in me, I am an admittedly avid gamer. I hold my passion for video games and gaming communities with the belief that such games and communities can be an active force for good in the face of difficult justice issues and life challenges, and I cannot wait to bring this perspective to my work at Sojourners.

In my spare time, you’ll typically see me walking around outside still playing Pokémon Go, curled up on the couch playing my Nintendo Switch, or reading one of the several books in the collection I obtained while working at Main Point Books back in Pennsylvania. I’m a huge fan of hammocking, so I’m open to any suggestions on where to go in the D.C. area if anyone has any tips!

My decision to come to Sojourners could not have been made without the support and counsel of the people God has placed in my life. Thank you to my parents, my friends, mentors, and professors back at Eastern, my colleagues at Main Point Books, and to everyone who talked me through this process and prayed with me and for me. So much love to you all.