Julie Clawson is the author of Everyday Justice: The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices (IVP 2009). She blogs atjulieclawson.com and emergingwomen.us.

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The God Who Sees: International Women's Day Synchroblog

by Julie Clawson 03-09-2009
Shortly after I took a position as Children's Ministry Director at a small Baptist church, I sat down with the kids under my care and asked them what questions they would like to ask God.

Blog and Preach to Honor International Women's Day This Sunday

by Julie Clawson 03-06-2009
Each year on March 8 the world takes time to observe International Women's Day.

India's Women Stand Up to Religious Bullies

by Julie Clawson 02-23-2009
At the end of January in Mangalore, India, a group of right-wing extremists, the Sri Rama Sena, entered a bar and assaulted the women there.

Service Careers Still Valued Less than 'Real Jobs'

by Julie Clawson 01-28-2009
In December an Australian cell phone company refused to sell a phone to a stay-at-home mom because she didn't have a real job.

A Year of Reading

by Julie Clawson 01-08-2009
Although I didn't read as much or as widely as I would have liked this past year (having a baby and moving cross-country had something to do with that), I did encounter quite a few good books.

Questioning the 'Survivor' Mentality of Some Christians

by Julie Clawson 12-03-2008
First a confession

Connected to a National Community

by Julie Clawson 11-05-2008
The 2008 election is obviously historic.

Pagan Rituals in Broad Daylight

by Julie Clawson 10-29-2008

Fireproof Marriages?

by Julie Clawson 10-27-2008
I'd heard the buzz within Christians circles about the "number one inspirational film in America." Everything from "this movie shows what true faith really is" to "this movie will save your marria