Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove is author of Strangers at My Door and co-author, with Rev. William J. Barber II, of The Third Reconstruction. He lives in Durham, N.C., where he co-founded the Rutba House, a house of hospitality. He is also the director of School for Conversion.

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Is Revivalist Spirituality Still Relevant Today?

I made my first trip to the Greenbelt Festival in the UK last summer.

How William J. Barber Saved Wake County Schools

February is Black History month.

Community's Messy Grace

The Gifts of the Small Church by Jason Byassee. Abingdon Press.

Come Celebrate With Us Where You Are

A few years ago, a bunch of activist-types and a bunch of prayer-warriors got together to create a prayer book with the goal of bringing together the Bible and the newspaper.

Health Care and a New Imagination

About 25 years ago, the pastor of a relatively poor congregation had an accident and racked up a huge medical bill in the hospital.

Giving Up Your Spiritual Journey (and Putting Down Roots)

Don lived for years in the Chicago area, working hard and trying to keep up with the fast pace of his profession.

Searching for Community in a Hyper-Mobile Culture

My friend Joe told me the story of relocating his family to be part of a church that takes community seriously.

My Education in Wake County Jail

I got locked up once when I was in seminary.

Listening to Poor People 'Offstage'

I have a neighbor who has a little maxim he uses to explain much of what he sees on the news or reads about in the local paper.

Audio Interview with Jean Vanier and Stanley Hauerwas

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove interviews L'Arche founder Jean Vanier and theologian Stanley Hauerwas about the ways Jesus calls us to engage this violent and broken world.