President Donald Trump incited a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

A political coup holds hands with theological heresy.

Southern Baptist seminary presidents double down on bad theology on race.

An illustration of people climbing up a ladder, out of a ditch that is on fire. At the top of the ladder is green grass and a person helping them up.

How faith communities worked for a safe, free, and fair election.

Adam Russell Taylor succeeds Jim Wallis as Sojourners enters 50th year.

We all need some grounding for the days ahead.

Today we decide what kind of nation we want to become.

Here is our call to faith: ‘Protect the Image of God in 2020.’

The central religious issue in this election is racism. It’s also a referendum on our faith.

Any attempt by the president to single-handedly change the election date would be illegal and immoral.

So how do we honor John Lewis and C. T. Vivian in the midst of our history — right now?

Trump's push to reopen schools at all costs comes with collateral damage.

For decades, white political leaders in the U.S. have masked their racism, subtly stoking white voters’ racial fears. But now, the mask is off.

Symbols shape both memory and future.

It is moments like this that remind us that change is possible and motivate us to not settle for this partial fix.

What are white Christians willing to risk to secure safety, health, and equity for their brothers and sisters of color?

Whether our changing cultural consciousness will have a real effect remains to be seen.

Transforming our policing and reimagining public safety will require much more dialogue, bridge-building, and, ultimately, sustained public pressure.

Trump's inflammatory words and reckless actions only pour gasoline on the flames of anger and racial injustice.