A young Jim Wallis in flannel smiling at the camera.

The next chapter of my life.

I look forward to this new chapter in my vocation, but I will continue to be shaped by the Sojourners mission for the rest of my life.

An illustration of three people holding up a giant gavel that is making a noise.

Justice requires transformation.

Repair means investing in the infrastructure of people’s lives.

Amid state-based rollbacks on voter access, new federal measures could protect the vote — and the imago dei of each voter.

Jim Wallis and Ed Spivey Jr., 1976 / Sojourners archive photo

Thinking of Ed Spivey will always make me smile.

The ARP would provide real relief for Americans facing poverty and economic insecurity.

We can never reconcile with white supremacy; it is a lie and an idolatry that must be removed from all our churches.

Illustration of a hand holding a key.

Our life and mission for the future.

President Donald Trump incited a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

A political coup holds hands with theological heresy.

Southern Baptist seminary presidents double down on bad theology on race.

An illustration of people climbing up a ladder, out of a ditch that is on fire. At the top of the ladder is green grass and a person helping them up.

How faith communities worked for a safe, free, and fair election.

Adam Russell Taylor succeeds Jim Wallis as Sojourners enters 50th year.

We all need some grounding for the days ahead.

Today we decide what kind of nation we want to become.

Here is our call to faith: ‘Protect the Image of God in 2020.’

The central religious issue in this election is racism. It’s also a referendum on our faith.

Any attempt by the president to single-handedly change the election date would be illegal and immoral.