This connection between truth and freedom captures the danger and the call for followers of Jesus in the Trump era.

The foundation of all human rights, equality, and dignity is all of us being created in the image of God — imago Dei.

The "Neighbor Question" explores our failure to recognize and love our neighbors as ourselves and why that is at the root of anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment. 

Are there conversations about moral impeachment that should take place alongside the discussion of political impeachment?

The opposite of loving your neighbor is being indifferent to them.

The election of Donald Trump has revealed how disconnected many American Christians have become from Jesus.

These executive actions get much less attention and fanfare than a new law being debated, voted on, and then passed or failed. 

God is not a Republican, or a Democrat, but I believe that God is always opposed to anti-Christ politics.

The dangerous political crisis we now find ourselves in has revealed how disconnected from Jesus many Christians in America have become.

Because of the moment we are now in, this book feels like the most important one I have ever done.

Seeking Shelter, a recently released film about Block Island, is a description of this place as a haven for radical Christian thinking. 

It's challenging to offer thanksgiving for a presidency filled with so much cruelty.

Will Trump's words cause his Republican party and his evangelical religious chaplains to call out his racism?

Make your convictions clear to a dangerous administration that War Is Not the Answer to Iran.

So, what is this coming July 4: a celebration of traditional patriotism or America first nationalism? Donald Trump seems to be planning for the second.

We have a new logo and color scheme, but our commitment to social justice remains as strong as ever.

Even in the wake of another of tragedy like we saw at Virginia Beach, there’s another message worth spreading.

Who knows why Mueller waited this long to speak except that this man seems to move slowly, methodically, and not always clearly or courageously.

It always astounds, and to be honest, angers me how the same legislators who focus only on abortion pay little or no attention to lives and needs of women and children.

Rachel’s voice offered reasons not to give up on Christianity altogether. She left evangelicalism but not the faith.