Circulation Assistant

Jacob grew up in the small town of Rock Rapids in the northwest corner of Iowa that no one reading this except his parents will have ever heard of before. The kid from Leave It to Beaver was born there. I swear that makes us famous. I mean, he swears that makes them famous. He went to Creighton University in the big city of Omaha, Nebraska, where he studied theology and political science and seven different half-finished minors while also writing for the opinion section of his student  newspaper and mostly just being a pest.

Now Jacob has moved to the much bigger city of Washington, D.C. to be in the Sojourners Fellowship Program as the circulation assistant for the next year or less depending at which point in the cycle you are reading this. It was a year when he wrote it. Wait, it was 11 months when he wrote it. Time flies.

He learned about Sojourners from a great uncle while talking about a Catholic social teaching class.

Jacob enjoys reading news and books, listening to (and often singing along with) music, social justice, humor in all forms, democracy, housing policy, civil rights, pretending to understand economics, running, blueberry pie, and peeling the lint out of the dryer trap. He doesn’t enjoy spiders. He is loosely in the Reformed Christian tradition, but he’s not really sure how he feels about depravity and the elect and all that, and the Jesuits in Omaha might have gotten him to enjoy Mass. Possibly trying to become a pastor, or a writer, or something else yet.